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No matter how big or small is your project or what type of stone you have picked, the quality of our fabrication will wow you. We promise that.

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They are not just handymen, It's more like an art.

The trust we put in our employees “guys” is the foundation and the secret we built and operate our company around. We are fortunate enough to have the most experienced and professional guys in the industry working with us.

Your Perfect Kitchen / Bar / BBQ Island / Bathroom / Fireplace in 6 Steps

Measure – Estimate

For the start we will take a rough measurement from the project and listen to you to make sure we understand your expectation and need.

Stone Selection

You will be referred to preferred stone shops in Las Vegas, where you can make your selection with discounted prices.


We will do one more quick and exact final measurement and start the Fabrication as soon as we have the stone delivered to us.


The contractor will prepare the site the day before the installation. It might be a demo or applying an underlayment which should take about a day.


This is the fun part, where your project will look more like reality. Depending on the size of the project this may take 2-3 days.

Final Touches

After installation the contractor will go through the entire project and make sure the work is done right and to your satisfaction.

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Do you have a kitchen project? Whether it’s a detailed vision or just some vague ideas, your design starts with an appointment in our store. A designer can meet with you and assist you throughout your project.

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